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The most reknown part of the South West of Hungary is probably Lake Balaton. Balaton Lake This is the largest lake in Eastern Europe, and a very popular tourist location. Regretfully this makes the Balaton area somewhat more expensive, and touristic. Equally unfortunate is the recent changes in water supply to the lake, and summer droughts, which has left the water level severely low in the summer, making swimming a more difficult task. Fortunately there are alternative spots in the area, where there are clean waters, and less crowds. Heviz Thermal Spa Lake
We would be happy to show you where.

There are lots of special discoveries in this - "the Southern Transdanubia" too many to list comprehensively here, but places of reknown and worth a visit include the thermal waters of Heviz and Zalakaros, and any (or all) of the other thermal spas in the region; the town of Pecs with its early Turkish mosques and Roman burial vaults, and the Zsolnay china works and museum; Mohacs, where every February a fearsome masked procession commemorates the fierce battles against the Turkish invasion; the great forests of Gemenc, and the folk cultural village of Szenna are worth a visit too.

There are almost unlimited opportunities to fish, sail, bird-watch, swim, cycle, and wander through the forests, where hunting and collecting mushrooms are very popular. (Every market has a resident specialist who will identify the edible from the poisonous varieties of mushroom, it is advisable to collect different types separately !). riding fishing Another very popular recreation is visiting the many thermal spas that can be found dotted throughout the area. There are numerous cultural events held year round, such as the spring festivals and dance and music events. Museums to satisfy every taste can be found in the cities and towns of the area, faithfully recording the history from pre-Roman times to the current industrial era and arts and crafts of the region.

Not to be forgotton is the excellent food and wines of the area.

The South West of Hungary is rapidly expanding. There is a motorway extension from Budapest being constructed at the moment, which will enable rapid communications to the rest of Hungary. By late spring 2008 we expect it to be complete - linking Budapest to the South West and onwards to Croatia and Slovenia. This has a distinct advantage, as it brings Zagreb airport (Wizzair to Luton !) in easy reach of towns like Nagykanizsa within one hour. Parts bypassing much of the congested Balaton villages were completed in 2005-6. Additional parts will be completed early the end of 2007 and the whole project is expected to be complete in about 2008/9 bringing Budapest to within 2 hours of the South West border area


Also recently upgraded was Sarmellek airport. This now serves low-cost flights for the Balaton Area, including airlines from Britain, such as Ryanair which flies 3 times a week to/from Stanstead, and to/from Frankfurt. Leipzig, Hamburg and Dusseldorf are also in the destination list.

The motoways make travel in and out of this area very practical. Trieste in Italy can be reached in four hours, with that journey expected to be even shorter when the Slovenian part of the motorway (currently under construction) is complete. Our trip to the South of France is usually made easy by a one-night stop in the Verona area, making Nice an easy two day drive.

There are also direct links to Austria, especially Graz airport, and the Austrian motorway system. Making it easy to drive to Germany in a day.

Hunimex has a number of properties for sale in the South West of Hungary, that we believe to be extremely good investments, as we are sure there will be good returns in this sector over the coming years.

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