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Željko Hudek was born the 05/03/1965 in Zagreb(Croatia)
He graduated in 1983 at the Nikola-Tesla School for Energetic and Machine contruction.
In 1999 he started to study at the High School for Art in Zagreb and obtained his diploma in 2001
from Prof. Dino Trtovac.
Since then he mainly paints with acryl and he is a member of the Croatian Association for Art, the
"Steiermärkischen Artist"(Graz) and the Painter assocciation of Gleisdorf.

Željko Hudek is participating at the Internazional Art symposium in Austria,
Hungary, Italy, Germany, Romania, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia and organizes
the "HUDEK-ART" symposium in Croatia.

Individual Exhibitions (Selection)

2003 Gallery Zrin, Zagreb (Croatia)- Gallery Springbrunnen, Laßnitzhöhe (Austria)
2004 Gallery Forum Kloster, Gleisdorf (Austria)
2005 Gallery "Van Eijck", Rotterdam, (Netherlands)- Gallery Trend, Nagykanizsa (Hungary)
2006 Werkbundgallery - Graz (Austria) - Ludvig Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)
2007 Gallery Panonia -Sopron (Hungary)
2008 Csoportano Gallery-Pecs (Hungary) 2012 MIR-Gleisdorf (Austria)

Collective Exihibitions (Selection)

2005 Künstlerhaus, Graz (Austria)
2005 Kendlimajor, Nagykanizsa (Hungary)
2006 Marija Bistrica (Croatia)
2007 Foresteria Valsesia (Italy)
2008 Hovikartano (Finland) - Prima Zentrum-Berlin (Germany)
2010 De Ijzetoren Diksmuide (Belgium)
2011 Menen (France)

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Contact in Hungary:- Ilona, Contact in Hungary - Ilona : Email
Contact: Zeljko.Hudek@aon.at
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